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Cragged Mountain Newsletter

Greetings from the farm,

February is an exciting month this year  There are brand new maple syrup plans and we’re making them happen! This process involved planning for the scale of an operation that can work within the realities of our property and our business both in the present and imagining where it could be within the next few years. We ordered an evaporator from the experts (Canada)!  The next step is to get organized and make delicious maple syrup.

The farm got close to four (!) feet of snow during a 10 day stretch earlier this month. . . as it turns out it is difficult to run a low-infrastructure pig farm on a mountain when there’s that much snow!  


  • Put in your order for spring hams, bacon, and pork belly by Sunday February 26! Free delivery the week of March 12-18.
    • $6.99/lb for smoked hams. Whole hams: 12-16 lbs.  Half hams: 6-8 lbs. 
    • $5.49/lb for fresh hams. Whole hams 14-20 lbs.  Half hams 7-10 lbs.
    • $8.99/lb for smoked bacon.  Minimum order of 5 lbs.
    • $7.49/lb for pork belly. Minimum order of 5 lbs. Packaged as requested. 
    • E-mail nick.utter@gmail.com with your order.  No deposit required.
  • Spring whole hogs are officially for sale for early April delivery.  Take a look at the new options regarding whole and half hogs on the website. Your friendly farmer (sort of) learned how to code!  
The Smokehouse and Sausage Special 
The Family Pig
Six Brothers One Pig
The Farmer and Foodie’s Favorite

The menu provides awesome templates for prospective whole hog buyers to browse. The collapse feature on the menu items and the FAQs make the page easy to navigate to check out what you’re interested in and to leave the rest. E-mail  nick.utter@gmail.com with your order and any questions. No deposit required. All pork is flash-frozen right at the butcher and delivered free of charge.  Deadline for ordering is March 19

The pigs are amazingly resilient and keep partying despite less-than-ideal conditions!
The chickens!
Photo of snow piles before we got another foot of snow!  

I showed whole-hog-purchaser-Mark the revisions and he said I didn’t actually ‘code’ but instead used a ‘coding function.’  But then he started talking about how wonderful his first experience having bulk quantities of delicious pork in his freezer has been.

Quotes (partly paraphrased) of Mark:

“I started going to the gym in the mornings so that I can come home from work and cook meals on weekdays – it’s extremely relaxing and satisfying.”

“I’m not a great cook but I’ve been expanding my capabilities in the kitchen and have been trying new things and being creative.”

“Buying a whole pig changed my life.”

“I enjoy moving cuts from freezer to refrigerator at the beginning of the week and planning out delicious meals based on what I pull out.”


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