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Greetings from the Farm,

Welcome to the first edition of the Cragged Mountain Newsletter.  This will be a monthly e-mail to improve our communication and engagement with folks interested in the farm.  Small-scale farming and local food business models do not work without the two-way relationship between the farm and our customers and communities.  Easier said than done, but we’re hoping this newsletter can be a solid step in the right direction.

In the newsletter we will provide three things.

  1. Updates about how things are going, what we’re up to, and what’s next for the farm.
  2. Information on sales and availability.  
  3. Links to Cragged Mountain-relevant news, recipes, and stories from the internet.  

If you are receiving this e-mail you are subscribed to the newsletter and anyone can subscribe via the link on the homepage of http://farmoncraggedmt.com/.  If you do not wish to receive monthly updates you can unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of this e-mail and apologies for the inconvenience.

So without further preface. . !

One of the pigs’ first snows!
Cross country skiing down from the upper field!
Updates – ‘Un-shoveling’
As with many of you reading, we are currently in the midst of winter winter winter here on Cragged Mountain.  January is dark and oftentimes cold up here.  After much snow and a couple of cold snaps, a welcome January thaw arrived this past week to ease up the work of keeping the house warm, pigs warm and dry, and snow out of the way. There is lots of ice on the driveways and walkways with the changing weather so we’ve been developing a revolutionary method of ice prevention called ‘un-shoveling.’ This is when, usually the evening after a warm day in anticipation of a cold night, you shovel snow back onto the areas where you had previously shoveled snow away from.  The warm snow will interact with the high-risk ice areas, and by the next morning you can happily walk over the ‘un-shoveled’ pathways without fear of slipping and bringing an end to The Farm on Cragged Mountain.


  • Reserve your spring hams and bulk bacon!  Free delivery the week of March 12-18.
    • $6.99/lb for smoked hams. Whole hams: 12-16 lbs.  Half hams: 6-8 lbs. 
    • $5.49/lb for fresh hams. Whole hams 14-20 lbs.  Half hams 7-10 lbs.
    • $8.99/lb for smoked bacon.  Minimum order of 5 lbs.  
    • $7.49/lb for pork belly. Minimum order of 5 lbs. Packaged as requested. 
    • E-mail nick.utter@gmail.com with your order.  No deposit required.  
Forging ahead, pigs don’t mind the snow or cold nearly as much as we do.  

Thank you!


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