Spring Update – We have pork and we have syrup.

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Greetings from the farm,
Spring is here!  Apologies for missing the March and April Newsletters!  The good news is your farm-news expectations may now be lower. . . so each newsletter should be relatively more enjoyable going forward.  It feels good to be through with another winter on the mountain.  We just finished up the glorious time between winter and black fly season on the farm.  The first significant (swarming ability) black fly population arrived yesterday afternoon around 2:30 pm and I got my first couple bites of 2017!See below for information on pork and syrup availability and a sale in Exeter on Thursday.
We have syrup!  Pictured: Nick and the new machine.  


  • Fully stocked with pork for the spring and early summer.  Check out thebuy section of the website.  Bacon, ribs, sausage, and roasts of all types!
  • Syrup is now available.
    •  8 oz, Glass, – $8
    • 12 oz, Glass – $11
    • Quart, Plastic – $22
    • Half Gallon, Plastic – $38
  • Exeter, NH sale: E-mail nick.utter@gmail.com with what you’d like for pork and/or syrup and pick up on Thursday May 11th between 5:30 and 7pm at 17 Lincoln St. in Exeter.  Delivery is possible earlier in the day too in the Freedom – Seacoast NH region if that’s easier for you!
Current Availability

Canadian Bacon $8.99/lb, ½ lb

Pork Belly $7.99/lb, 1-3 lbs 

Smoked Bacon $9.99/lb, 1 lb

Smoked Half Ham $6.99/lb, 8 lbs

Smoked Whole Ham, $6.49/lb, 12+ lbs

Smoked Hocks $5.99/lb, 2 lbs

Country Style Ribs $6.99/lb, 2/3 lbs

Center Loin Roast Boneless $7.99/lb, 3 lbs

Loin Roast Bone-In $7.99/lb, 3 lbs

Sirloin Roast $6.49/lb, 4 lbs

Spare Ribs, $8.99/lb, 2 ¼ lbs

Ham Steak 1/2″ thick, $5.99/lb, 1 lb

Sirloin Chops 1 1/4″ thick 2 per package, $6.99/lb, 1 1/2 lbs

Boston Butt Roast $6.99/lb, 2.5 – 4 lbs

Picnic Roast $6.49/lb, 3 – 4 lbs

Soup Bones $1.99/lb, 3 lbs

Chorizo Sausage – Ground $7.49/lb, 1 lb

Ground Pork $5.99/lb, 1 lb

Tenderloin $10.49/lb, 1 lb


Sausage – Linked – $8.99/lb, 1 ½ lbs

Sweet Italian


Breakfast (1 lb packaging)


Sausage – Ground – $6.49/lb, 1 lb

Sweet Italian

Hot Italian


Started feeding a feral cat that showed up on the farm this time last year and this year we have a slightly overweight companion named Jerome who enjoys hanging out near the evaporator and walking in the woods near to wherever Nick may be.

If you know of any children interested in  the Cragged Mountain Farm summer camp please see this link and get in touch with any questions as there are still some spots available for summer 2017.

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